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Hi! I'm Shema Angelo, or vixalien. I'm a web developer and (designer? maybe). I love to build things from scratch while I can. Here you can find my projects, posts and whatever. Stay tuned!



Web bundle

A Web Bundle is a file format for encapsulating one or more HTTP resources in a single file. It can include one or more HTML files, JavaScript files, images, or stylesheets. Web Bundles, more formally known as Bundled HTTP Exchanges, are part of the Web Packaging proposal. This is a web bundle of this site, last built at Sat, 04 Dec 2021 09:36:01 GMT

Note that to use the web bundle you may need to enable some flags or config in your browser. For Chrome go to chrome://flags and enable Web Bundles. For Edge do the same thing at edge://flags. Firefox does not support web bundles AFAIK.